Dog & Moon? People often ask about the name. We keep making up different answers. Now we no longer remember the truth.
Big Business? We represent the opposite of the Industrial Revolution. No interchangeable parts here. Each project and design is unique, handmade and custom built to serve your needs.
Dog n’ Moon is an Orange County, California-based full-service creative helper for those who need assistance with turning big ideas into simple words and pretty pictures.
It operates more like a collective than an agency so your money goes further, your wait times are shorter and your relationship is stronger. We are the sound of 15 kitchen tables hard at work!
First Time Visitor?
Head over to the Portfolio page and see what Dog n’ Moon does… Or just look around and try to find misspelled words.
Wanna Howl @ the Moon?
Visit the Contact page and get in touch with us… Or just sit there scratching yourself.

How We Do It

It only feels like work some of the time. The rest of the time, it feels like exercise.

  • It starts with a call from you.
  • Then, via email or face-to-face meeting, we discuss your needs, your challenge, your project and/or your problem. While you’re talking, we are jotting things down, taking copious notes and recording little embryos of ideas.
  • We’ll return with a proposal that outlines the plan of action, the fees involved and recommendations for ongoing and future actions steps.
  • Once we agree on the scope and cost of the project, we’ll send over a contract that protects both parties and away we go!
  • The final step is when you show off your fancy new creative materials to your friends, whereby they have no choice but to hoist you upon their shoulders, triumphantly proclaiming you as King* of Awesome!!!!**

  • (* or Queen)

    (** Of course we cannot contractually guarantee that such revelry will be the result of your relationship with Dog n’ Moon. But there is a dollar amount that makes anything possible and if you’d like to pay a nominal fee, we can meet you at the location of your choosing and hoist you into the air chanting whatever you like.)